AACS is privileged to advocate on behalf of our member schools.  The Government Relations Committee works hard to protect the rights of your students by advocating for policies that are reasonable and equally applicable to all of higher education.

The GRC team focuses on regulations and legislation at all levels of government.  This is achieved by actively participating in Federal, State and Accreditation agency agendas, as well as constantly staying abreast of announcements that could impact our member schools.

In particular, the features of the GRC:

  • Engages the membership to participate in policy that will impact their schools via an easily accessible ‘Take Action’ portal.
  • Reviews, analyzes and responds to federal issues affecting member schools and their students.
  • Monitors regulatory and legislative processes at the state level.
  • Improve the general knowledge, participation and appreciation of the post-secondary accreditation process.

The GRC main benefit to the membership is to assist with keeping schools in compliance with current regulations, to mitigate the proposals of overly burdensome ones, and to ensure our students have equitable access to education that lead them to careers within the professional beauty industry.